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Introduction to Nomenclature



The Cardinal Points and Axis Z

The orientation takes place with the letters N, S, E and W; same representing the 4 cardinal points (North, South, East and West respectively) according to the international nomenclature.


To describe one of the Attacker piece positions (A) we have to include further the Zenith Axis which is described by the letter Z.


Triangle Properties in the Gameboard


To describe the position occupied by the pieces on the board, the nomenclature of orientation is based on a property of triangles within the board, this property is as follows:


Each of the triangles that make up the planes of triangles for a to p, have three vertices, and each of them shows:


In the case of the vertices of the White Triangles.
            North  (N),
East    (E),

West   (W)




In the case of the vertices of the Dark Triangles.

South  (S),
East     (E),
West   (W)



Note of Reinforcement

Note of Reinforcement



When the piece of Attacker (A), sits on a triangle with its apex pointing toward upward is said Zenith Position (Z), this indicates that its Apex is pointing upwards.

The nomenclature, as well as allowing us to know the movements of each piece that has been maneuvered (in the turns of each player during a game), to analyze the different options of opponent's game, and, of course, analyze the successes and errors that incurred in its development.


On the other hand you get to know the strategy that often follows the opponent and anticipate the decisions that lead to the loss of a game.


In the orientation has been integrated a fifth element, which represents the Z Axis
(Zenith), and is used solely to describe the Attacker piece (A) in this position.


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