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Attacker (A) Behavior



Attacker (A Behavior)

Attacker piece (A), has in its characteristics both Guardian piece (G), and the Captain (C), it has a greater vertex, which penetrates into the smallest space between two or more pieces.
It is Decisive factor is the option of carrying out an offensive to capture the Leader (L) opponent.


Offensive Suggestion

Place the piece Attacker (A) in medium field (between the Forbidden Zone and the Temple of the Moon) from his own area at the start of a game, as a measure of caution while you can define the opponent strategy.

Take part in supporting the Captain (C), one flank (always within the medium).

Attacker Piece (A), is usually ideal piece to obstruct Defense (D) when it seeks to make way for its Leader (L), trying to reach the Temple of the Moon.


Ofensive.- Attacker Piece (A), does have a very close size at the piece Defense (D), can enter on persecution of the opponent Leader (L).

Offensive Suggestion: Do not move the Attacker (A) piece , beyond the mean field, unless the field is open and has the support of the piece Captain (C) in the strategy of capturing the Leader (L) opponent.



Offensive Caution

Avoid the edges of the board in spaces that are easily saturated as it may be nulled.


Radius of Action=33TU

Placed on
Zenith Position (Z)

Reference: Point = 1TU
                  Line  = 2TU

Radius of Action=33TU

Placed on a Triangle

Reference: Point = 1TU
                  Line   = 2TU

Radio de Acción=29TU

Placed on a rhombus
Reference: Point = 1TU
                     Line   = 2TU



Examples of Behavior

Acción ofensiva de Ataque

The Guardian piece (G), takes a step back to allow Attacker piece (A) Capture the Leader (L) opponent


Desplazamiento de Ataque


One of the properties of the Attacker pieces (A), is the ease with which it can change position.

Ataque en una estrella de 6 puntas

Desplazamiento de Ataque sobre un exágono

The dominance of Attack (A) can be the difference between win or lose one game..



K´Atún por Mak Chahal con acción defensiva de Ataque

Attacker Piece (A), has been closed completely the possibility of that the opponent's pieces can perform all three movements rule. The clear team wins by Mak Chahal this game



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