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Defense (D) Behavior



The piece Defense (D), lives up to its name, their rapid movement, and covering such large spaces within the board, gives it a wall characteristics, becoming almost impassable for the pieces opponents.
It can penetrate up the middle field opponent or on the flanks, and obstruct the Guardian (G) and Attack (A) opponents leaving the opponent at disadvantage.


Offensive Suggestion

Place piece Defense (D) in the center (in front of the Temple of the Moon) at the area opponent at the start of a game. Considering the possibility of access to the Leader (L) and win the game, at the same time as a defensive strategy keeps track of the central area..



If you do not have complete freedom of spaces, avoid the edges of the board is the best option.



You can deploy an offensive with the piece Defense (D) keeping it in the central area of the opponent placed on a triangle.


Radius of Action=45TU

Placed on a Triangle

Reference: Point = 1TU
                  Curve = 3TU


Radius of Action=46TU

Placed on a trapeze

Reference: Point = 1TU
                    Curve = 3TU


Examples of Behavior


Desplazamiento de Defensa en línea recta



Defense (D) piece can move in a straight line.



Rotación de Defensa en torno a un triángulo



It you can move
around a



K´Atún al Templo de la Luna con apoyo de Defensa

Offensive movement of Defense piece (D) allows access to your Leader (L) reach to the Temple of the Moon


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