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Guardián (G) behavior



Ofensive Action

The Guardian (G), on its volumetric characteristics can, with a reasonable advantage over other pieces Attacker (A), Defense (D) and Captain (C), to protect his Leader (L) of the capture by pieces opponents.



Elementary Functions:

Keeping the Guardian (G) as close as possible at the Leader (L), so that in a defensive strategy necessary to bring the Leader (L) Forbidden Zone for this purpose.



Tactical Considerations:

Take one of the sides (always protecting the Leader (L). Just in case of should be under pressure, seek support from any of the other 3 pieces, without neglecting the Temple of the Sun



As it is the case of the piece Captain (C), prevent the piece Defense (D) obstruct the pieces, as doing so is unlikely to move forward. Defense piece (D) are difficult to avoid because of their size.



The offensive capabilities of Guardian (G), is negligible, unless a bad decision by the opponent Leader (L) give it the opportunity.


Radius of Action=18TU

The radio action of the Guardian (G) piece, is over 18 Triangles location as shown.
Reference: Point = 1TU



K´Atún por Mak Chahal con Guardián

On their last movement Guardian (G) obstructs totally the opponent pieces, winning by K'Atun by Mak Chahal the game. The opposite player can not make the three movements per rule


The Guardian (G) piece on one movement get protect at the Leader (L) over the offensive of the opponent Captain (C)Obstrucción con Guardián

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