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Leader (L) Behavior



Offensive-Defensive Action:

The strategy by the Leader (L), must be defensive by nature. Should not be captured by the opponent's pieces, if this happens you lose a game.
Sometimes it is possible that the Leader (L) takes an active role against the Leader (L) opponent.

Elementary Functions:

It is recommended to keep it close to the Guardian piece (G), waiting for the opportunity to leave the Forbidden Zone, while the other pieces open up a flank the central area, that will allow safe transit.


Tactical Considerations:

At some point it can have the condition that the Leader (L), is the only piece available to obstruct the passage of the Leader (L) opponent trying to reach the Temple of the Moon or the Sun Temple (Rule 3).



The offensive strategy of the Leader (L), can only be against the Leader (L) opponent (as the example case). Remembers that the Leader (L) movements is developed at two-dimension range.






Radius of Action=18TU

The radius of action of the Leader (L) is 18 Triangles location as shown.
Reference: Point = 1TU

Deffensive Action

This moves makes the dark Leader (L) protect the Temple of the Moon That one is the only option that exists to prevent K'Atun.


Offensive Action

The movements of dark pieces taking position to reach the Temple of the Moon and win the game on the next turn,  forces white Leader (L) obstruct access since is the only way to avoid K'Atun..


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