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How to Play Maya Chess



How to play Maya Chess

Maya Chess® "The Game of the Gods", is a strategy game that is played on a board consisting of two equilateral triangles joined at one of their bases forming a rhombus.

Over the game board, 5 white pieces confront another 5 dark pieces, protect the (L) Leader of them obstructing the opposing player is the objective of the game. K´Atún by capture of the (L) Leader, is one of the way to win.


This is the Gameboard



This Are the Pieces







The second choice by K'Atun to win is, when the (L) Leader arrive the Temple of the Moon;

The third
by K'Atun is to put the (L) Leader on Temple of the Sun, and the fourth option:


Mak Chahal K'Atun. (which in Maya Language means "hold back")


The five pieces that make up a team, move around the game board, except for an area called Forbidden Zone, which can only be transgressed by your (L) Leader and pieces opposition player.


The geometric shapes of his pieces have a very specific function: to block with its volume, vertices and edges, the opposing player.


With its dynamic of 'three moves per turn ", and do not withdraw the pieces out of the game board, in the development of a Maya Chess® "Game of the Gods" you get a variety of movement options of over 150,000 million.


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