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Each box contains:


◆ A Maya Chess board "The Game of the Gods" ™

◆ Five solid plastic pieces, contrasting warm color: yellow.

◆ Five solid plastic pieces, contrasting cold color: blue.

◆ Basic Guide

◆ An instruction booklet.

◆ Dimensions of the box:
Each side of the rhombus: 34 cm.


◆ Maya Chessboard "The Game of the Gods"™ is cardboard folding caple of 26 points.

◆ Coated with a polyester film 0.025 mm.

Dimensions of the board:

◆ Each side of the rhombus is 31 cm..



Cell Phone:


+52 (656) 636-9925

+52 (656) 277-0410

+52 (656) 609-0580

+52 (656) 636-7221

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