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How is the Game board



How is the game board

The game board of Maya Chess® 'The Game of the Gods' has the shape of a rhombus formed by two equilateral triangles joined at one of its bases. Divided into 128 small triangles. On These, 64 on white, point out with one of its vertex, to the Dark player, and the other half (64), on black, pointing towards the White player.









The Temples of the Moon

The Temple of the Moon, are the small triangles located near to center of the rhombus marked with a circle of different color pitch for each of the 2 players.











The Temples of the Sun

The Temples of the Sun are situated on the vertiex of the long diagonal of the rhombus and are marked in the same way with a circle by different color, for each player.












Forbidden Zones

The Forbidden Zones are Indicated by a pair of lines, near the corners of the Temples of the Sun.

These areas called Forbidden Zones can not be transgressed by their own 4 pieces, and also can only be traversed by their own (L) Leader and the 5 pieces of the opposing player, so that the pieces of a team can go by the opponent until his Temple of the Sun, but never penetrate its own Forbidden Zone.


How is the Board


Temples of the Moon


Temples of the Sun


Forbidden Zones

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