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  Español— Ajedrez Maya ¨El Juego de los Dioses¨ Tót— Èchecs Maya ¨Le Jeu des Deuses¨ Logo— Xadrez Maya " O Jogo dos deuses"  
English— Maya Chess ¨The Game of the Gods¨

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Logo— Ajedrez Maya ¨El Juego de los Dioses¨  
Summary of the Intellectual Goals  
● Developing skills in the plane and the space; ● Memory and coordination; ● Symbolic representation of the field of play; ● Discrimination of the value of operations and critical judgment; ● Dynamic of rules game, ● Dialectics; ● Recognition of mental state of intellectual production;' ● Development of the fundamental operations; ● Lateral thinking, ● The analysis and its components; ● Historical knowledge and their contexts; ● Relationship with intellectual issues general or specific in other activities;' ● Principles and mechanical development of the use of the game in relation to the problem-solving; ● Others that you will identify. ● Learn to Play it! ●! Approved by the Minister of Public Education ●! As Teaching Tool
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