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Starting Position



The starting options are divided into: Offensive, Defensive, and Defensive-Counterattack.

Each of these openings has in turn a lot of variants, these can be by Central, or Flanked, this depends on the strategy that the opponent has chosen to pursue..


Offensive Suggestion

Move Captain (C) and Attacker (A) to avoid being blocked by the Defense (D) of the opposite as illustrated in the animation behavior.

If you go beyond the center, this opening allows us to keep the Leader (L) opponent away from its first objective the Temple of the Moon.


Offensive Suggestion

Avoid the Captain (C) piece, go beyond the mean field opponent. Be sure lean on the piece of Attacker (A), for the opportunity to capture the opposing player.

Tactical Considerations

Move the piece Defense (D) beyond mean field, trying to avoid the advance of the opponent, while you can be supported by the Attacker (A). Try to create a barrier to move your Leader (L) with the support of the pieces Guardian (G) and Captain (C),



Frontal Offensive
Captain and Attacker

Apertura ofensiva Ataque Capitán


Frontal Offensive-Defensive
Attacker Defense

Apertura ofensivo-defensiva Defensa Ataque


Defensive by Flank
Leader and Defense

Apertura de flanco


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