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Captain (C) Behavior



Offensive- Defensive Action:

The Captain (C), has the advantage to penetrate the smaller space that can create between two or more pieces.

The Captain (C) is the one who creates the conditions for achieving the K'atun, by capturing Leader (L) opponent. There are countless offensive-defensive options.



Elementary Functions:

You have to protect the Temple of the Moon, standing in one of the surrounding triangles. while the rest of their pieces prepares the Leader (L) access to the Temple of the Moon.

Tactical options:

You must have prevent the obstruction by the opponent Defense (D) piece over the Captain (C), because doing so, is unlikely to move forward. Defense(D) piece is difficult to avoid due to their size.



The offensive capacity of Captain (C), it is fundamental to pressure the opponent Leader (L), of course you have to void the obstructions of the opponent pieces. When the Captain (C) piece is obstructed your pressure conditions are minimized.




If you start an offensive, you have to have the certain that it can achieve the goal (capturing the Leader (L) opponent) with the help of Attacker (A), and do not run the risk of isolating the Captain (C) and be at the mercy the opponent.


Radius of Action=18TU


The radius of action of the Captain (C) is 18 Triangles location as shown.
Reference: Point = 1TU


K´Atún al Templo de la Luna

With the movements of Captain (C), the Leader (L)
can access smoothly to the Temple of the Moon opponent



Caution Offensive



Obstrucción a Capitán

A movement by the Defense piece,
(D) is not sufficient to minimize the Captain (C) offensive


Acoso de Capitán

Isolate the opponent Leader (L) of his team towards the sides of the board, relying to Attacker (A), to win with the Captain (C)


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