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Introduction to Nomenclature



Exception.- Attacker (A) on Position Zenit (Z)

In the orientation has been integrated a fifth element, which represents the Z axis (Zenith), and is used solely to describe the Attacker piece (A) in this position.
The orientation takes place with the letters N, S, E and W; same representing the 4 cardinal points (North, South, East and West respectively)..


Z Axes Importance

In the following examples it is noted the importance of the fifth element necessary to describe the Attacker piece orientation (A).

The description of the piece Attacker (A) stating the zenith with its vertex greater is carried out using the third body axis (Z Axis)..


Property of Triangles about the Board


Attacker pointing Z      Attacker pointing S



Attacker pointing E      Attacker pointing W



Triangles of Location, manifest their property within the board. White triangles point to S, E, W, black triangles indicate N, E, W, making clear the need for Attack pieces description (A) with the Apex upward, called Zenith (Z).



Note of Reinforcement

For nomenclature, describes the position of each piece of the board, in each of the movements made ​​during a game.



Noto of Reinforcement

By means of the symbol:

L, C, G, A and D, describes





Attacker and

Defense respectively.



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